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Zinkus Consulting provides support, enables effective communication, creates healthy working relationships and delivers real results.

Here are some questions for you.

Do you want to effect change in your organisation and need to engage people to actually deliver the business benefits?
Do you want to effect personal change built on your strengths and capabilities?
Do you want to access the wisdom of a diverse group of people in an energetic and yet thoughtful way just in one day?
Do your leaders have great knowledge and experience but need to build confidence and capability in their leadership behaviours?

What we do

About Me

Having started out intending to be a barrister, I found while at university I was actually attracted to working with and leading people. 16 years later having gained great experience working in Unilever, Northern Foods, Express Dairies and The Royal Bank of Scotland, I found that the world of consultancy was the place where my skills, experience and attitude would be best suited.

What do I mean by attitude? I wanted to balance my time across different things – family and friends, music, travel – working to live not living to work. Also, creating the freedom to work alongside people in organisations, challenge the stuff that gets in the way of people doing a great job and feeling that I could really be myself with all my strengths and flaws – using all of this to work with and for others.

I’ve built my knowledge and experience over the years – both practically and academically. I have an MSc in Organisational Behaviour from Birkbeck College, London and a Practitioner Diploma in Executive Coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching. I’ve worked with not-for-profit organisations, public sector organisations and a variety of corporate businesses in the financial services, food manufacturing, construction, pharmaceuticals and defence sectors.

In addition, since 2003 I’ve got married, gained a fabulous step-daughter, had a son, done a round-the-world trip, served on various committees, project-managed the complete renovation of our home, set up a holiday cottage rental business and still have an unfulfilled ambition to own a Highland cow (although we do now have guinea pigs!)

I am a member of EMCC UK and subscribe to the EMCC Global Code of Ethics
I have BPS accreditation at Ability and Personality Level with specific expertise in:

What is it like to work with Zinkus Consulting?

I’m energetic, optimistic and always deliver on my commitments. Clients say they value my non-judgmental approach and my direct, straightforward and challenging style.

I balance experience with sound research and ensure that my work meets the needs of clients through asking insightful questions and paying attention to what is said and what remains unsaid.

I’m able to take complex ideas, situations and systems and extract the key points, focus on what will make the biggest difference and explain my thinking in simple, straightforward language.

Working with me is always interesting, challenging, thought-provoking and, at times, full of light and humour.

Case studies

Team Purpose Event: Engineering Consultancy


A small, successful team wanted to have some thinking and talking time away from ‘business as usual’ to focus on building more effective working relationships.

Content and design principles

The Team Leader and I co-created the design for the day which aimed to: 

  • Revisit and refresh the Team Purpose and Vision
  • Identify how the team was doing against that Purpose and Vision. 
  • Create agreed and aligned behaviours. 
  • Clarify mutual expectations.

The day was designed to give space for discussion time within a purposeful structure. My role as facilitator was to guide the conversations, provide challenge and give space for all team members to have their voices heard. The design also enabled different working preferences – individual reflection time, work in pairs and small groups as well as whole group conversations.


The team worked hard across the day and felt comfortable raising issues, putting forward alternative points of view, aligning around the things they had in common and agreeing a way forward. 

Everyone walked away from the day feeling re-energised and re-focused on how they could improve team effectiveness and with agreed actions on how to take the work forward. The reflection was “It was full on” with lots to “digest and process …. from the day”. 

Culture change through flexible working – Financial Services Company

I was asked to develop an approach to culture change where flexible working was the major lever of change, in conjunction with using the flexibility enabled by innovative use of office space and technology. This approach needed to include tools and suggested intervention points for use and adaptation in a variety of departments and functions.

Critical to the success of the work was creating positive working relationships with key stakeholders, ensuring that the process, tools and interventions were easy to understand, that the interventions worked together with the other project strands of property and technology and were supportive of their needs.

Also included in the work was the creation of engagement tools, a masterclass for the HR community and the transfer of knowledge and thinking through collaborative working on the culture change approach.

Impact of the Intervention

Key to the success of the work was turning the complex into something simple and straightforward so that it could be used beyond my involvement in the project. This I achieved through working closely with colleagues on the project team who helped to create a culture change approach which was easy to grasp, easy to use, but had integrated within it the key elements of gaining senior manager commitment to organisational, team and individual change. The cultural change map, the supporting tools and interventions and the masterclass were all used as the project was rolled out across the organisation.

Feedback received:

‘Milda brings a different perspective to this work through her challenge to the status quo and her robust conceptual thinking. She is able to present her ideas simply and translates OD theory into practical application’

‘Milda’s ability to align culture change concepts and ideas with the business outcomes in a way that is simple and meaningful, played an important part in the success of the project.’

HR Essentials for Line Managers – Facilities, IT and Property Management Company

The HR team had recently rolled out updated HR policies and procedures – moving responsibility for many HR processes to Line Managers. I was engaged to create a suite of development workshops to ensure line managers understood: 

  • the key content of the policies and procedures
  • their responsibilities within those policies 
  • feel confident in their abilities to fulfil these responsibilities
  • Content and design principles
  • Absence Management
  • Capability Management
  • Disciplinary and Grievance Handling


My aim in the design and delivery of these sessions was to ensure that the content was clearly communicated and that the process of learning was engaging and interesting, using discussions, case studies and role plays. I was able to combine my knowledge and experience in HR with my skills in designing and delivering leadership


I delivered the workshops throughout organisation, for everyone from the Senior Leadership team through to Team Leaders. Participants came away from the sessions boosted in their knowledge and confidence in implementing their responsibilities as Line Managers. In addition, by working with a cross section of different managers from across the organisation, participants were able to share experiences and build stronger networks. development interventions. I also created and delivered the session in partnership with the internal HR team.

Team Development Event – Operations Board, Financial Services Organisation

The board of an Operations Function in a large Financial Services Organisation had been created through an organisational restructure. Their Managing Director had recently been fully appointed into his role, having been operating on an interim basis for a number of months.

The purpose of the event was:

  • To build mutual understanding of the team members through the use of MBTI To establish whether this was a team or just a group of associated functional heads
  • To agree the team and business purpose
  • To agree the business priorities for the next financial year in the context of the overall business strategy
  • To agree the next steps

The Intervention

The event was split between one day focusing on the individuals in the team – their individual and team MBTI profiles and the second day working together on the business priorities and actions. While the event had a plan and structure, the work emerged across the 2 days, following the group’s energy and interest and was overtly re-planned with the group to ensure that there was focus on their most important issues.

Impact of the intervention

During the event, there was overt agreement and commitment from each member of the group that they were a team and that working together was critical for all of their success. They were able to honestly and publicly talk about their issues and concerns. They created the beginning of a purpose statement, agreed business priorities for the following financial year and built stronger working relationships, based on their strengths and previous successes.

Open Space Event – Women’s Voluntary Sector Group

The aims of the Open Space event were to:

Increase membership of and develop levels of involvement with the Network Identify barriers to involvement and explore solutions Confirm main issues for the Network and define effective processes to explore, discuss and develop these over the next 12 – 18 months

Feedback received after the event was:

‘We were all buzzing after the event which was great. Several new contacts and good to see some of the “established orgs” reps at it. Will definitely do it again.’

‘Great to get such speedy service regarding the report.  Speaking for myself, I really enjoyed the event and felt it went very well – it was such a relaxing and enjoyable day and yet so productive!  Felt your excellent facilitation really helped to ‘set the scene’ and encouraged the positive and proactive atmosphere.’

‘I just wanted to reply and say what a success I thought the day was.  I was really pleased with how it all went and delighted at the outcomes.’

A selection of clients we've worked with

  • The Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Rape Crisis Scotland
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Vion Food Group
  • Robertson Group
  • Natural Fertility Centre
  • Glasgow Women’s Voluntary Sector Network
  • North Ayrshire Council – Adult Protection Department
  • Mary Erskine School, Edinburgh
  • Screen Education Edinburgh
  • Frazer Nash
  • CCPS (Coalition of Care Providers Scotland)


Read testimonials from our clients.
Milda has an amazing ability to read people and situations and quickly get to the core of the issue. She is also a creative and effective facilitator and coach. Milda is a unique talent and someone I would recommend and also personally wish to work with again.”
Director – Consultancy Business:
‘Milda was able to challenge me with exactly the right questions to probe into what I was thinking. She was able to offer creative ways to address my development areas and if one idea did not hit the spot, she always was able to offer a different perspective or suggestion. The commercial results this enabled me to achieve were to have more impact, presence and credibility in the commercial negotiations of which I am a part in my role in the Contracts Team.

I would absolutely encourage anyone to work with Milda as a coach.’
Finance Business Partner – Large Financial Services Company:
‘Milda is a powerful and experienced coach who has provided real direction and support for myself in my role of running the business. She takes a pragmatic but direct approach to tough conversations and decisions.’

Director – Consultancy Business:
‘Milda’s supportive but challenging approach allowed me to re-examine my own behaviours, with their impact on me and others around me and to seek solutions, Milda provided me with…..some techniques and thought-provoking models to prompt opportunities for change in my approach. I have no hesitancy in recommending Milda as a discrete, able and professional coach.’
Technical Executive – Major Food Production Company:
‘I worked closely with Milda for a number of months in my capacity as Managing Director, Corporate Banking Services. I found the approach taken by Milda to be both insightful and challenging. She quickly established a number of areas for me to work on, suggesting alternative approaches to different situations. I have subsequently applied a number of different learning to my working environment and have seen benefits. In our 1:1 sessions, I found Milda to be both direct in her observed feedback, and helpful in terms of suggested action plans. As a direct result of our period of working together I have a much deeper understanding of my own leadership style, and the impact it can have on those around me.

I would certainly recommend Milda as a potential Executive Coach.’
Managing Director – Large Financial Services Company:
‘I started working with Milda because I was experiencing some conflict with my CEO within the small charity I worked for. The situation I was in seemed intractable. I was feeling miserable at work and my morale and my confidence were at an all time low. Milda patiently listened to my perspective and gently and skilfully enabled me to see the bigger picture and identify some of the issues that were leading to conflict. She helped me to reestablish my values and priorities. As a result of working with her I was able to put myself back together and apply for a more senior position within a larger charity. Without her skilful questioning, her supportive but tough approach and the coaching she provided in relation to the new position, I would not have had the confidence to aim high and move on to a much better situation. I am hugely grateful for the difference that Milda has helped me make both in my career and in my work-life balance. I would have no hesitation in recommending her. In a few short weeks she helped me significantly change my life for the better.’
Charity Grants Manager.
"Milda supported me with a mix of mentoring and coaching through a challenging period in my career. I valued how she approached our discussions with curiosity, enabling me to consider situations more deeply and from different angles. She was brilliant at gently challenging my thinking when I needed it and encouraging me to be kind to myself. She helped me see the bigger picture influencing others’ positions, enabling me to achieve better results in my relationships."

People Director, Education Technology Company

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